Welcome to Tekpoet

Tekpoet is an online manuscript services company for new and emerging poets. On the surface, it’s about getting a professional poet to read your work and provide feedback and the tools to get published.

But really, it’s about relationships. Tekpoet is designed for poets who struggle to get their work read and need help with the complex publication process. It’s about opening doors, creating connections, and taking action.

It is my hope that every poet who wants the opportunity to connect with a published poet and receive feedback on their work, will have the chance to workshop with their mentors and peers in a unique online experience.

Go to the Talent Index tab to find the service-specific experts who have provided me with skillful guidance and encouragement along my journey as a poet.

We can do this together!

With handwriting on the wall,

Joanne Leva
Editor-In-Chief, tekpoet